Philadelphia Eagles nurse heartbeat shirt

Philadelphia Eagles nurse heartbeat shirt

It is a lot of pressure, but I couldn’t have accomplished everything I have without my family’s support and sacrifice. My parents were married by proxy and never met until my mom arrived in the US. My dad is extremely well-educated and both sides of my family emphasized education for my aunts and uncles. I don’t know if my Philadelphia Eagles nurse heartbeat shirt is due to being first gen or more likely due to family history, but I do know that I have carried on high expectations for my kids. One is in a high-ranked university and the other is still in school.

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The only difference is that I have more to impart to my kids and that I am open to knowing that success doesn’t just have one or two pathways. Yet, it still seems to be the thing where family members are watching each other’s successes. I’m sure my Philadelphia Eagles nurse heartbeat shirt went through the immigrant experience with all eyes on them. As a fellow first generation Bangladeshi-American growing up in NYC, thank you for representing all of us who have gone through exactly what you’re going thru right now. I can tell just by the sparkle & determination in your eyes and the maturity in your words — you’ll make it.

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Wishing the sense of direction, purpose, fulfillment, and happiness for you and your, extended, family in whatever you choose to do in life. This reminds me of my uncle’s 70th birthday party where my dad gave a heartfelt speech saying that my uncle ,who was the oldest brother of 8, held the dreams of the family as he was the one that helped the family climb out of poverty by becoming a doctor. At one point, my uncle once got seriously sick and the family got scared as all hopes were pinned on him.

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Luckily for us, my uncle survived and as a result, helped our generation flourish. We look forward to celebrating his 80th birthday next month. Pro tip. Don’t become a doctor. The pay isn’t as much as your parents think. If you really care about making money, go into finance and work for a hedge fund or something. That’s where the real money is. But if money doesn’t really make you happy then forget the above advice. And pursue whatever career makes you most happy. My dad is American by birth but my Philadelphia Eagles nurse t-shirt is naturalized.

Philadelphia Eagles nurse heartbeat sweat shirt

I’m still in awe of how most American kids are raised and educated. While my parents weren’t this intense. I felt like they were stricter and had higher standards than a lot of today’s kids. I’m thankful for that upbringing. I have also always been motivated to do well for them. Don’t give up on your own dreams, but keep that balance between what you want and your family’s encouragement. They’ll always be there for you. But we in the HONY audience are now rooting for you, too.

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