Vintage Sunshine and Whiskey summer time shirt

Vintage Sunshine and Whiskey summer time unisex shirt

It’s the truth we subjectively decide fits our current mental state. It’s the one thing every human has in common, the meaning of life. The constant bargaining-ship we try to make within our unknowing minds in attempt to find solution and resolve to this Vintage Sunshine and Whiskey summer time shirt reality in which we call existence, or for lack of better term. Life. If your path drives you to follow the light of Socrates, and challenge the foreseeable truth that surrounds us, then follow that dangerous winding road. Venture further down the dark winding path that continuously leads you into the depths of your mind, body, soul. And existence.

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We can never truly understand nor accept the surrealism around us if we never attempt to understand the world we’ve been conditioned to be apart of. Question the promoted truth, find solace in the truth that lies within yourself. The rest will fall into place as life moves forward. If death is the end of all this- and nothing but emptiness after that- then it’s a terrible problem. It would be better to not exist than to exist in a Vintage Sunshine and Whiskey summer time shirt without meaning Limotees Funny Drinking shirt. Death doesn’t lead to emptiness but to an eternal world. Otherwise this life would be a jungle. I know some people here would be critical to what I’m going to say now.

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Islam gives answers to this young man’s confusion. Hi I can relate to his thoughts. There are real and very deep I think he is very awake than many of us. I suggest to study read follow and learn with Eckhart Tolle. Also Deepak Chopra and my favorite Sandhguru. It ok to be awake you just have to adjust some thoughts and everything will be good. Remember you don’t have to thing as is  expected. I really hope you able to learn how to combine this reality. Good luck to you. Remember you are not alone. Perhaps the point of existentialism is to find,create your own meaning or search for it, and to tap into the power of having a purpose,meaning to your life.

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Rather than getting sidetracked in the erroneous conclusion that there is no meaning to life ,that is fallicy, we create not find meaning. Deciding a purpose, even a short Vintage Sunshine and Whiskey summer time shirt one while you seek a broader enduring one, could help and indeed is the work of our lives. And then being busy doing something does help stop endlessly ruminating. He is asking good questions. And examining the bigger questions. But that shouldn’t lead to paralysis.

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It should open up a very interesting journey. We all need meaning and purpose to various extents. His is clearly a very curious and questioning mind. This guy probably has a super sensitive violet or crystal aura and is in need of some serious grounding work. Not to mention belief in a G-d matrix system would help relieve a lot of his anxiety and teach him that the world does have immense purpose n its all about living life and experiencing emotions etc.

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