I’m a Rabbit Aholic heart shirt

I'm a Rabbit Aholic heart shirt

The white pub tender was very apologetic and told me: “That’s not who we are here in London. We welcome everyone.” I told him that it is not his fault. I think he thought I was a Middle Eastern immigrant or something because my face often gets confused with Chaldeans traits. I don’t think I’m a Rabbit Aholic heart shirt a tourist contributing to his local economy. What I found surreal was the black British guy yelling me, the white guy to go “back to his country.” I’ve been living in the mainland US for over 20 years and has visited 47 states of the Union including denote places with my thick accent and not once I was told to “go back to where I came from” or something like that.

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I was pissed at that moment, but when I tell the story I now find it funny. Regardless, it was just one incident. Everyone else from all colors and walls of life in London when I was there was wonderful.  I admire your energy and your deep care for the world. It’s wonderful being within your zone it influences and changes people radically. Maybe you can make I’m a Rabbit Aholic heart shirt about your perspective. It can help us be better human beings. Wow, the guy is saying something so positive about the place I call home and you lot are moaning and totally missing the point. Sure, immigration is problematic but this is 2018, if we don’t appreciate each other more it’s gonna end badly.

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Who cares if he’s brown, black, straight or gay. He looks to live next door to me. I’m a white Londoner who loves the diversity of people, I’ve loved living in this amazing city that is a refuge for so many amazing people from so many amazing backgrounds. But in my I’m a Rabbit Aholic heart shirt here, I’ve never felt less at home, since after the referendum. Prejudice is growing. You can see some of it on this thread. My European friends are leaving, people feel less welcome, hostility is creeping in and instead of connection, people are putting up barriers. But yes, we must all be grateful that we are here and not somewhere else. The grass is not greener. we are living in Earth aren’t we.

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