If I’m drunk it’s my hiking friend’s fault t-shirt

If I'm drunk it's my hiking friend's fault t-shirt

Thank you all for the continued, passionate discussion on this post. We greatly appreciate all of you who’ve shared background on this hike and others in the Hawaiian islands and the many issues surrounding their promotion in media. We have updated the description of this unisex shirt, longsleeve to reflect that we do not condone hiking trails that are closed or otherwise inaccessible to the public.

If I’m drunk it’s my hiking friend’s fault t-shirt, ladies shirt, hoodie, sweater

If I'm drunk it's my hiking friend's fault t-shirt
Ladiesi t-shirt

Well the whole side of the mountain is looking pretty dangerous now, there has been a huge landslide recently, involving the Old Pali Road, which has had many boulders falling down for a long time before this happened.

Please do not promote this. This is not a safe trail and people regularly get hurt. The video is beautiful, but not safe. Promotion senselessly compromises the lives of safety personnel and rescuers who regularly go to help those who are not equipped . It encourages erosion, movement of invasive species and damage to the natives and the fragile ecosystem that is hawaii. Please take this video down. We have so many lovely safe and legal trails to promote. Mahalo for your consideration. When I was growing up we road on the old Pali road cause there was no other way to Kaneohe, Kahaluu N the windward side. Finally, It was frightening to me N I don’t like exploring on the ridges N valleys on that side.

Take this If I’m drunk it’s my hiking friend’s fault t-shirt, unisex shirt, longsleeve

If I'm drunk it's my hiking friend's fault t-shirt
Unisex t-shirt

This isn’t “for experienced hikers.” Experienced hikers in Hawaii WILL NOT DO THIS! The basalt stone in Hawaii is crumbly and can dislodge right from under your feet, sending you plummeting to your death. It’s not like granite or limestone of North America. These daredevils are inadvertently encouraging others to do this risky climb, which will result in more people hurt and dead and more trails closed to the public. This isn’t harmless and Hawaii suffers for this. You can see the residents of Hawaii- (myself included). I feel that this unisex shirt, longsleeve is a very cool. This is a very dangerous trail and broadcasting it this way really sends a dangerous invitation.

Hikers be advised. I do not know if this is an illegal trail or not. But I do know that many have fallen to their deaths trying to navigate these beautiful trails. If you are not experienced enough, please do not attempt these dangerous trails. However, there have been so many deaths. Most recently, it was a 24 year old who fell 400 ft to his death. National Geographic, I’m a long time supporter and am shocked you are promoting this trail. You are complicit in risking the rescuers’ lives who will ALWAYS go to rescue those that got in trouble after attempting this trail upon seeing this video. Finally, we are all adults and make our own choices, but see beyond your own egos, please.

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