Myers in the streets krueger t-shirt

Myers in the streets krueger t-shirt

And in fact being held beneath the poverty line on ODSP has caused me much anxiety, psychological stress, depression, resentment, anger, damage to my Myers in the streets krueger t-shirt and relationships with friends and family. I have broken down more times than a person should be made to and have years stolen. Wealthy folks often choose to feed their ego or to seek less wholesome fulfillment rather than more wholesome or spiritual fulfillment. That doesn’t mean that all wealthy folks do, or that wealth is the all end all to happiness, or that financial security won’t benefit humanity. Poor people deserve to be able to take part in society just as much as anyone else. It would makes freer. I guess and the idea of it is beautiful in an idealistic way.

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It has left me feeling like an abuse victim, I feel like a kind of rape has happened and continues to happen. The single mom who can’t toys for her kids or Netflix for herself would likely much less stressed. If they give her  financial security. And the sad thing is, even a Myers in the streets krueger t-shirtt of hard working people are not financially secure. The most people considered to be depressed aren’t really depressed. They have a perfectly normal reaction to an overbearing environment. The hyper wealthy siphoning so much money out of the economy. The human body does not have a DRUG deficiency that results in depression. Your point does not discount my position, the ones who have depression because of a chemical imbalance need meds sure.

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Depression is a complex side effect of many issues: thyroid, adrenal, or other hormonal issues, lack of good diet or activity, even Myers in the streets krueger t-shirt and genetic predisposition can lead to depression. It is not as simple as all that. And even THAT is depressing. I couldn’t agree more. Magnesium supplements at 258 mg per day have been proved in recent studies to be more effective than ALL big pharma solutions. The rapper beats abused, neglected, betrayed by some you love. Or at a stranger’s hands, raped, molested, seeing someone you love die, heck surviving traumatic lifesaving surgery. It can depress you and cause PTSD or depression. But depression caused by poverty is by far the majority and treatable with a UBI.

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