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I am proud of him, his parents for letting us see this Best Golden Retriever dad ever shirt vintage t-shirt. It saved a life. Me. This video brought me so much joy and put a smile on my face. What a sweet, joyous, adventurous, and mischievous guy. I also love seeing the whole family in this video so proud and supportive of porter regardless of disability, love to see a child as active as they can be.

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Showing lots of potential here. A happy life with family support will surely do that. My best to Porter and family. He is adorable. I work with special needs children and I love my job. They give me so much joy. Truly God’s blessing to you and so many others. They seem such a wonderful, adjusted well loving family. I’m wondering if they have supporting friends and family.

You are so happy and your family made me happy this AM. Thank you SBSK for posting your great videos. What a great sense of humor you have Porter. You made me laugh out loud Best Golden Retriever dad ever shirt vintage t-shirt. Never lose that joyful spirit. What a beautiful child. We are all special in God’s eyes but every once in a while, God gives us all a gift like Porter. Thank you for sharing. This really made my day. Bless your heart, mom and dad.

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For sure, it’s not that easy but, giving all your heart for this young Porter, is a commitment to yourselves as well as to HIM, our GOD. Just always remember Best Golden Retriever t-shirt is watching over you. Porter I’ve you. Your Mother and Father are amazing don’t forget your sister Pays. Outstanding job family. God choose you to be Coopers mom forget what other people think are say God bless you and your family. They are the ones that have a problem not you.

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