Star Wars Friends t-shirt

Star Wars Friends t-shirt

He recently wrapped that series up sadly because he planned on writing two new comic series called Bully Wars and Middle west. I’ve only gotten two issues of Star Wars Friends t-shirt because I want to wait for the trade, but the two issues I’ve gotten have shown to be one of the best comics on the shelves right now. I had picked up Bully Wars issue one and was intrigued by the concept but decided to wait for the trade. When I met Scottie Young at Planet Comic Con, I picked this up from his booth. I finally got around to reading it and I have thoughts. Bully Wars feels like a show that would be on Cartoon network or Nickelodeon in the early 2000’s. It has an abundance of energy and charm off the bat.

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Sweat t-shirt

Aaron Conley is the artist on this and his art is electric. His exaggerated sketches and use of space is just wonderful. The colors all pop off the page in such delightful ways. They use every color in the crayon box for this and that’s much appreciated. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a total home run for me. I enjoyed it but it won’t stick with me as much as some of Scottie’s other works. This is written for a much younger audience for myself so it tends to Star Wars Friends t-shirt a lot of things on how the world works or the motivations of the characters. I also found the series to be a bit predictable. These character dynamics and arcs are very familiar. I also found some of the humor to be more juvenile then witty.

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Unisex t-shirt

Regardless of that, I like there is a series out Star Wars Friends t-shirt the very idea of bullying and the quest for power in the first place. The 3rd act resolution was pretty compelling and I can certainly see this helping kid in a similar situation to Spencer. It’s really cute and I would read more in this world.  I would only listen to instrumental music and songs from movies I liked. When I stumbled upon this VHS I was kinda bored by as a kid, it got so many new layers. It simply became one of my all-time favorite films and continues to still be to this day. The music here is some of the best every composed by anyone ever. I have the entire Legacy Collection CD and listen to it quite a bit and it’s just transcendent.

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